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Podcast - The Motorcycle Vagabond Show

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

A few weeks ago I had an invitation to appear on The Motorcycle Vagabond Show as part of their "Motorcycle Vagabond Chronicles" series.

The show is the brainchild of Zee Traveller who has been living on the road off her bike for a number of years. She has an interesting, refreshing and down to earth angle on moto life. Zee is very well connected in this somewhat underground facet of motorcycling, hence her show is quirky, offbeat and yet packed with good advice and stories. Stories from both herself and others that may normally go out of their way to remain off the radar. Well worth a listen.

Zee also has a fabulous website packed with articles about moto traveling and life on the road. You really need to check it out!

"Many thanks Zee, for inviting me onto the show. It was great to catch up, although I'm now missing the road more than ever!"

The Motorcycle Vagabond Show covers all aspects of traveling, adventuring and camping by motorcycle. You won't find talk of MotoGP or the newest motorcycle news there, but if you want to hear about hammocks, camping quilts, ROK Straps or milk crates, this is the podcast to lookup on your favourite platform.

"This folks is the real thing! The genuine moto traveler underground show. Raw and uncensored"

Zee also runs a Facebook group for those interested in the lifestyle. It's a proper grass roots group, well moderated and refreshingly devoid of all that moto meme nonsense.

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