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My first ride ever.

I was 8. I had what used to be called a schoolboy scrambler. My dad carefully taught me how to put it into gear by pushing down on the lever, and pull away raising the revs and letting out the clutch. I wasn't strong enough to pull the clutch in with one hand so he said don't worry, just let it stall when you want to stop.

So off I went up the hill. This was fun. Much more fun that a bicycle. I flew! I was going absolutely flat out. Tucked down onto the tank to go as fast as possible. Look at me weeeeeee!!!!!

When I turned around at the top of the hill I saw my dad. Running towards me, almost blue in the face from the exertion. A look of panic in his eyes. He was waving his arms like a duck trying to take off. Very odd behaviour I thought. So dads. When you teach your kids to ride. Do tell them that there are more gears, and that it's not cool to just rev the merry bejesus out of a 2 stroke in first gear. My dad passed a number of years ago now, but I bet you he's still out of breath from trying to catch me up.

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